David Mulcahy, Preparing to Publish

“I would highly recommend the Plato programme to the owners of SME’s. You learn from industry leaders how to do things better in terms of sales, marketing, finance, IT and personnel. You also establish great friendships and business contacts by meeting with your fellow Plato participants over the 18 months of the programme. It has been a great investment of my time.”

Noreen Fitzgerald , Fitzmedical Supplies Ltd

“Plato definitely deserves credit for encouraging me and giving me the confidence to get my website out there and also set-up and implement procedures which has eased and streamlined my business. I highly recommend any business owner to participate in this group as it will give you the time to step outside of your day to day involvement and see the future of the company from a different perspective.”

Gerard O’Meara, SBA Architects

“To owners of small enterprises, in particular, the programme provides a terrific source of discussion, stimulation and information and I highly recommend it, at whatever stage of growth your company finds itself.

Suzanne White, Athrú Solutions

“The fact of being within a group of small business owner’s like myself made me realise I wasn’t the only one with problems, but between us all we managed to support and guide each other. It has been invaluable to me my staff!”

Maria Kenaney, Rototherm Ltd,

“We recently joined Plato Dublin, a network for owner-managers of small business, because we felt we needed to learn more about the running of the business in order to take it to the next level. We also saw it as an opportunity to tap into something that would motivate and re-energise us, and it has delivered.”

Tracy Leavy, Partymad

”I certainly gained something from it and enjoyed it. Meeting Dayna and have worked with her since has helped our business. It allowed me to interact with other business people and develop our own strategy. John was an excellent facilitator, very professional and practical.”

Austin Bergin Partner, Kane Bergin & Company

”Now that we have just finished our last meeting, I want to thank you for the opportunity to join Plato. It has been a very enjoyable and rewarding experience and I have taken a lot of learning from it which will help grow my business and your help is appreciated. Our interaction with the mentors from blue chip organisations has led to stimulating discussion and the provision of experts in the various fields to present at each meeting meant that I jumped into the car to attend each month with great enthusiasm and anticipation. I  thank you for your support and wish you well with the next running of the program and every success in the future.”

Robbie Norton MD, Mobile Storage Services Ltd

“I would actively encourage anybody who is serious about the future of their business to undertake this course. It assists in focussing your mind on what is important for you and your business and gives you the discipline to act on and implement your thoughts.”

Fergal Kennedy, Director BBS Insurance

“I can’t speak highly enough of this programme. Our sessions have been invaluable to me as we have endeavoured to grow our company, not only for the structured input from a varied range of speakers but also from the opportunity provided to engage with other business owners and discuss the issues that arise in the daily running of a company.”

Cathy Coghlan MD, FX Clothing

“This Programme helped me focus on my business goals, provided me with new direction in managing my company and was willing to go the extra mile in helping me focus and remove some of the road blocks at director level.”

William Despard, MD Bretzel Bakery.ie

“I have found this programme invaluable for my business since joining, I would have no hesitation in recommending it.”

Patricia O’Neill MD Aboutime Ltd

“At the end of every session, I get this buzz and lots of positive energy. During a recession I would never imagine that I could be so positive and enthusiastic about my business and the future. Now I have a clear vision of where we are going which will help me grow the business and me.”

Conor O’Connell. MCS Computers Ltd. Managing Director. 2011 Participant

“An owner normally doesn’t have the benefit of the skill base that this course provides and it is the first programme aimed at training the owner/manager that I have encountered. Traditionally, the owner/manager is expected to know everything, but as we know, we all need help to run our businesses. The programme offers me the opportunity and the environment in which I can share experiences with my fellow participants and take what I learn back to the business and implement change. If only I had done this programme 15 years ago!”

Darren Ramsay, Business Development Director Money Point Limited. 2011 Participant

“Since joining this Programme in August 2011, I could at last see more clearly where I am going, not only from a Personal Development perspective, but more importantly, a clearer vision of matters relating to my business, looking at where we are at now and learning new and innovative ways and ideas to bring our business forward in these challenging times.”

Brid O’Sullivan MD, ChristiesPMP Ltd. 2011 Participant

“I first joined the Business Development Forum since 2007 and just kept coming back for more! I found it instrumental in managing and growing my business. The open, honest and very positive environment in which the meetings were held helped me in gaining perspective on my business. The shared experience and knowledge of other members, who had already ‘been there’, was very useful in finding solutions to problems that I have encountered in my business. Overall, the time spent in this forum was one of the best investments I have made during my time in business.”

 Essam Bishara, MD GSM Exchange. 2007-2010 Participant

“My experience from this program has been really positive, it has helped me implement different strategies and techniques in to the day to day running of my business, It is a great opportunity to meet and talk to a variety of different business owners about the different hurdles we all come across in the day today running of our business.”