About Plato Dublin

You want to expand your business but don’t have the money or all of the skills?

It is not easy running a business on your own. Would you like to meet business people just like you and solve your business problems in a tried and proven way?

Plato is a not for profit 18 Month business development programme that helps SMEs grow their business in a planned way. Funded by the four LEO offices in Dublin  it provides the necessary tools to help you achieve your ambitions.

Plato Dublin Offers:

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Plato offers owner managers a business support forum where they can tackle the challenges and issues of today’s business world. Through a unique partnership with large ‘parent’ companies Plato creates a confidential and safe environment where SMES can benefit from facilitated group learning, training activities, business linkages, trade fairs and networking events.

Plato provides practical training, business counselling and support so that you acquire the skills necessary to help your business grow and prosper. It provides an environment for owner managers to learn from one another and share their experiences at a  three hour monthly meeting (in the morning) for 18 months.  A new Programme commences every Spring with 80 companies split into 5 or 6 groups who meet monthly. Each group is led by 2 or 3 large company managers who facilitate the monthly group meetings at their premises. Business Experts are brought into the Groups to provide specialist advice to the group members.

Plato encourages participants to share experiences and resources, to stimulate new ideas and to support each other as they make the strategic decisions that determine how their businesses will grow.  It reduces the sense of isolation and is a sounding board for new ideas thus improving decision making and personal effectiveness. It provides new insights for owner managers into the development potential and requirements of their business. It also provides access to training activities, business linkages, trade fairs and networking events.

Cost 600 euro per Owner Manager for the 18 Month Programme.

Membership of the Plato Programme is open to companies in all areas of commercial activity who have been at least three years in business and have 3 or more staff.

For a copy of the 2018 brochure click here Plato 2018 Brochure.