LEAN Application Form

  • Summary Profile

  • Of the following sectors listed-please mark which sector your business operates in.
  • e.g. background, ownership, specialist areas, key business sectors etc. Max 6 lines.
  • Business Profile - Current Information

    Please include current information on the following, with plans for future growth in Turnover and Staff Numbers.
  • Business Profile - Turnover Percentages

    Please estimate the approximate percentage of your business turnover derived from:
  • Business Functions

  • e.g Funding from the Local Enterprise Offices, Enterprise Ireland, New Frontiers participant
  • If you have undertaken previous LEAN or Business Development project within the business in the past please outline max 10 lines
  • What are the main reasons that you will benefit from doing the Lean for Micro Programme, What goals have you for the programme?
  • Staff Profile

    Nominate up to 3 key staff members whom you would use on Lean Business assignments
  • For participating businesses to benefit from the programme we require that the promoter/key decision maker in the business is committed to the programme
  • Declaration

    I have read and understand the directory guidelines and declare that the information I have submitted above is true and accurate. I consent to the Local Enterprise Offices of Dublin City, Dún Laoghaire Rathdown, Fingal and South Dublin assessing the information provided for the purposes of gauging suitability for the Lean for Micro Dublin Programme.
  • The Local Enterprise Office is committed to its transparency obligations under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Our data protection notice for personal data that is supplied to us by our clients is available at www.localenterprise.ie/legal . This notice contains important information about how we process personal data that is supplied to us by clients. We request that you read the notice carefully and that you ensure that it is made available to any data subjects (e.g. your employees) whose personal data you provide to us.

    By ticking “I agree”, you confirm that: (a) you have complied with your own data protection obligations in respect of the personal data that you supply to us and that you are entitled to disclose such personal data to us; and (b) you will ensure that a copy of our data protection notice is sent to data subjects (e.g. your employees) whose personal data you provide to us. (Please tick)

    Information will not be released as part of this application except as may be required by law, including the Freedom of Information Acts 1997 and 2003. In the event of a Freedom of Information request, the client will be given reasonable advance notice in order to contest such disclosure.