Thrive and Grow as a Manager and Leader Workshop

Majella Byrne of Lavetta is running a half-day workshop, on behalf of Plato Dublin, designed to help owner-managers become more effective managers and leaders. Participants will learn techniques and practical ways to manage themselves, manage their environment and manage others so that they can focus their time, energy and resources on building and developing the business.

It will cover topics including:

Goal Setting

  • Setting the right goals
  • Eliminating distractions
  • Following through to delivery

Time Management

  • Where does the time go?  Identifying time-swallowers
  • Separating what is important from what is merely urgent
  • Clever ways to achieve more in less time


  • Who can take in some tasks?
  • How to let go without losing control
  • When delegation is not the answer


  • Coping with and learning from setbacks
  • Who is my sounding board?


  • What is my communication style?
  • Is what I am saying being heard?
  • Adapting my style to the situation

The session will be interactive from the outset incorporating a range of reflective-type exercises.  Participants will work individually, in pairs or small groups at times throughout the session with discussion, feedback and debrief.  No preparatory work is required in advance by the participants, and all materials will be provided by the trainer.

Majella Byrne

About Majella Byrne

Majella practices as a Coach, Speaker and Trainer. Her business; Lavetta, means “the peak” and her aim is to help people to live, work and be at their peak. She delivers management and leadership training sessions as well as coaching a broad range of people from executives to those considering career change or re-entering the workforce.

A natural communicator Majella facilitates workshops and delivers talks on a breadth of topics including change management, presentation skills and organisational development.

Prior to setting up Lavetta, Majella held leadership roles where she was responsible for a team of over 300 healthcare professionals.

Majella holds an MSc in Management Practice from Trinity College, a QQI accredited Train the Trainer qualification and an Advanced Diploma in Personal Leadership and Executive Coaching.