Step Up My Business Strategy Seminar

Join Ed Flanagan on this half day Plato Seminar where you will learn how to drive better margins and demand for your products and services, while decreasing the demands on you!

Who the seminar is for:

This seminar is for small and medium enterprises who want to set or reset their business strategy to move their business to the next level.

Benefits to Participants:

Participants will be taken through a structured approach, to exercise oversight of their current business, and identify where the real value is currently created, and where the maximum leverage opportunity exists to move to the next level.

They will then be led through an approach to identify where significant growth could come from, and how to capitalise on this.

In parallel participants will be challenged to assess where they are spending their time, and where they should be spending their time for maximum benefit to their business and themselves.  Participants will be taken through how to prioritise, how to delegate, how to “let go to grow” and capitalise on their staff’s potential, while staying in control.

What areas are covered:

  • Business Model
  • Business Strategy & Value Creation
  • Areas for Strategic Growth
  • Change Management model to drive change
  • Prioritisation
  • Delegation
  • Strategic Plan to drive business to next level

Ed FlanaganAbout Ed Flanagan

Ed is very experiencd in Pricing / Costing, both as Seller and Buyer, both in multinational corporations and as an SME.

Currently he is Mentor/Consultant, Public Speaker and an SME, he recently founded a small Photography/Video Business.

Prior to this he was an Executive in the IBM Corporation and managed several functions over 25 years – including Pricing, Planning, Costing for hardware/software and complex bid negotiation along with the sales cycle management.

In his career, he also was the function head of Real Estate and Site Operations, with a large spending budget and was the chief negotiator on several large-scale purchasing tenders and contracts.

Ed enjoys sharing the knowledge he has gained over a very successful career.