Creating & Improving Your Company’s Systems and Processes to Promote the Growth of your Business!

Without strong administration and internal business structures you stunt the Growth and Profitability of your Business.

Join Natalie Cooke for this half day Plato Seminar where you will understand how you can improve the efficiency of your business so it can GROW.

In this half day interactive workshop you will learn how to:

  • Increase productivity and the bottom line by analysing and improving the systems and processes you currently have in place
  • Identify systems required to improve your internal and external communications and structure, eg: CRM, Accounts systems etc
  • Optimise Technology and automation of tasks for labour intensive processes
  • Simplify administration to grow your business

About Natalie Cooke

Natalie Cooke

Natalie Cooke Consulting is an award-winning Business Development & Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Consultancy.  Natalie Cooke, founder, is passionate about growing and developing businesses and her team offers companies focussed, no nonsense practical advice, enabling clients to improve their bottom line.

Business health, development, process improvement (Lean) & CRM consultancy, coaching, sales and marketing, training and project management are all part of the portfolio of services they offer.  In addition, Natalie Cooke Consulting is an approved provider of several LEO (Local Enterprise Office) mentorship programmes and training courses.

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Plato Persona Branding Strategy Accelerator Masterclass

Join Lorraine Carter for this half day Branding Accelerator Masterclass which aims to help SME business leaders, owners and entrepreneurs discover what brand strategy actually is, what it entails and what it is not.

Learn the core fundamentals and key areas of brand building/management that every brand owner needs to know in a modulated format to help you grow your business faster.

Discover the exact systems and processes used to build standout brands with big-brand know-how to:

  1. Enable you to grow your brand and business faster

  2. Answer your most pressing questions

  3. Master your biggest branding stumbling blocks

The focus is on brand strategy, not design or marketing, because brand strategy underpins the foundations for a successful business. Brand strategy provides the direction for key commercial decisions in your business as well as marketing and design.

This Masterclass is perfect for Business Leaders, Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, Managers and Consultants.

This half day Branding Strategy Accelerator Masterclass will give you useful actionables for immediate implementation and most importantly inform you on what branding strategy actually is and what’s required to build a brand (demystify all the misinformation) so you can make more informed choices to grow your business.

About Lorraine Carter

Lorraine Carter

Lorraine Carter is an expert in brand building to drive commercial growth and high performanceFounder of Persona Branding & Design, she’s won multiple awards over the last twenty years working with brands on international markets, many of which are household names.

An international branding strategy expert, professional speaker (represented by MFL London Speaker Bureau), masterclass leader, advisor, M.Sc. guest lecturer, writer, designer and mentor, she’s also winner of Best Blog Ireland of an SME, Business Woman of the Year, Dublin and listed as one of the top 1,000 Women of Influence in Ireland in the Irish Tatler Business Annual.

Her skill lies in simplifying the complex so you and your team are enabled to make your brand highly visible, different, credible, trusted, memorable and much loved amongst your primary audiences — so that your standout brand commands higher margins and grows your profits faster.

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