TechElevate Work Placements

If you are passionate about technology and want to have industry recognised certification, this is the programme for you.

The aim of the TechElevate programme is to provide  job-seekers with ICT industry recognised certification and work placements so they can break into careers, such as web development, system administrators and cloud technologies, as well as work in areas such as IT technical sales and IT technical project management

Part of the Government’s Momentum initiative, TechElevate is free-of-charge for eligible jobseekers who have been unemployed for 12 months or more.
On successful completion of the programme, graduates will have obtained both a Component Certificate, awarded by Dublin Institute of Technology (50 ECTS credit value) plus Microsoft Technology Associate Certification (MTA).

TechElevate is a 6 month full-time programme including modules in:

Shared Modules:

  • Digital Industry, Entrepreneurship and Innovation
  • Project Management & Self Employment Business Skills

You will have to choose one of three streams:

  • Fundamentals of Software Development
  • Mobile & Web Technologies
  • Database Fundamentals
  • HTML 5 Fundamentals
  • Technical & Specialist Sales for Cloud Services
  • Mobile & Web Technologies
  • Networking Fundamentals
  • Database Fundamentals
  • HTML 5 Fundamentals
  • Digital Technology Management & Marketing
  • Technical & Specialist Sales for Cloud Services

ICT work placements

Participants will gain valuable practical experience as they undertake a period of 12 weeks active work placements with ICT companies.


You may be eligible for a Momentum programme if you are:

  • Unemployed for 12 months or longer and
  • In receipt of Jobseekers Allowance/Benefit and or on the Live Register for 12 months or longer (signing on for Social Insurance Contribution Credits for 12 months or longer) and
  • Be actively seeking work.

To confirm you eligibility, speak to your local/nearest Employment Service office to confirm your eligibility.

The placement will start July 20th and will run for 12-16 weeks.

Click here to register:

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