Intelligent Selling – A practical workshop for SME’s to help them boost their Sales

Intelligent Selling, Wednesday 29th May 2013 8am to 1pm, Carlton Hotel, €50.00


The purpose of this workshop is to provide attendees with the wherewithal to Win
More Business. Primarily by focusing on the Sales Process, and the importance of
planning, measurement and management, attendees will learn first-hand a series of
simple steps they can take to boost their Sales performance in both the short and
long term.

The workshop will address the following:
• How to define and crystallise your message?
• Identifying your “ Sweetspot “
• How to overcome the “SME Sales Gap”?
• How to create a “Sales Machine” for your business?
• How to sell “Intelligently”?
• The Sales Process
• Defining KPI’s
• Measurement
• Sales Management
• Where Marketing fits in?
• Can I make use of the Internet?
• Practical tips for success

You should attend if:
• You own or manage a small business which sells a service or product.
• You are interested in more Sales but not sure of the best approach to take.
• You currently have difficulties winning business, or feel your Sales
performance could be improved.

Presenter: Peter Clancy BE, MBA. Peter is managing director of BDC, the
Business Development Consultancy. Prior to joining the UK BDC Franchise in 2011,
Peter spent 10 years in Commercial, Sales and Business Development roles for 3
different SME’s, and has significant practical experience of Sales, Sales Management
and Sales Processes.

BDC’s focus is on assisting companies to achieve Sales growth in a way which
matches their business type, skill set and budget.

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