Destination innovation, 3 campuses in a day

Innovation is your lifeblood
A lot more businesses should take the time to engage with the research and know-how that is on university campuses. If you accept that innovation is the lifeblood of every business, a visit to a university is an obvious step.

Start your Innovation Journey now
Platinum events has decided to take you on the first leg of your journey. To that effect they have organised a one day Innovation trip. On the 16th of April you can come on a bus with them from campus to campus, visiting DCU, Trinity and the innovation academy in UCD. You will get a tour on each campus. Speakers will share their experience and lessons and you will be watered and fed (breakfast, lunch and a networking drinks reception).  In one day you will get a full flavour of all what goes on campuses in Dublin, you will get inspired by the innovation and opportunities that universities have to offer and you will have an opportunity to engage with the best minds and research in Dublin.

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