Assistant Head in DIT offers Financial/Tax Advice in return for Completion of Brief Questionnaire

Margaret Fitzsimons, Assistant Head in the School of Accounting and Finance  in DIT is looking at the impact of networking and financial management on firm performance.  The hope is that the research could influence government policy to assist SME firms.

The survey aims to understand the financing practices of SMEs and the impact of financial management and networking on business performance.  Margaret plans to lobby the Government in order to get more supports for SMEs as a result of the survey.

Margaret would really appreciate business owners taking the time to complete the survey. In return if you leave your name at the bottom of the survey in the box provided she will randomly select one business owner that she will meet for a consultation to give you either financial management advice or tax advice for your business.

The survey takes about 15 minutes to complete and can be found by clicking here

It would be a great help to Margaret and hopefully to yourself if policy can be influenced positively in response to your needs!

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